Saturday, December 31, 2011

Congratulation to Yuchun..
He won The New Actor Awards at MBC Drama Awards.. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

  • SUJU : fuck you sm
  • ELF : fuck you sm
  • JYJ : this is exactly why we left
  • HANGENG : i was right
  • KIBUM : what is going on?
  • EXO : when are we debuting?
  • FX FANS : when will you give us our official fanclub name?
  • SHAWOLS : when is shinee coming back?
  • YUNHO & CHANGMIN : ........
  • CASSIEOPEIA : Told you SM sucks.
  • HEECHUL&KANGIN : That's it! We're coming home!

291211 - #WeCheerForSuperJunior & #FUCKINGSM

SM's reason 
"we forgot to put prerecording's schedule,so ELF cant watch that"
HAHAHA...!!!! STUPID SM...!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JYJ Handwritten Christmas Card Message


Junsu's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
Merry christmas n happy new year ^.^
Our beloved fans!! I sincerely thank everyone who were running with barefoot day and night and always love us. Living a lonely life in separation, just thinking about you makes me miss you. "Come empty… return empty…" You reap what you sow. You come into life with bare hands and leave with bare hands. So let's spend every step of my life without regret. Amen
Hallelujah. Bambaya. Amen.
P.S: United we stand, divided we fall. In this cold Christmas… let's be united, everyone.


Jaejoong's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
It's already my 26th Christmas,
How many times has everyone spent Christmas?
I hope that this Christmas becomes a special day for everyone.
With each passing year, I feel that one year is too short..
Looking back on the passing year and thinking about how much love we have given and received or having time for self-reflection in order to become a merciful and considerate person seems good.
Try to make a plan to fruitfully spend next year.
I love you. I'll protect you~.


Yuchun's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
Merry Christmas & happy New Year
Even though there is "Christmas" ever year…
But to get to spend time with people we cherish, this doesn’t happen every year…
In the moments when thinking of "Am I happy?"
In reality you all are already living in happiness
I love you all~
P.S. Call me right now

trans by : sharingyoochun, The_Little_Pear of JYJ3

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Park Yuchun - Jutawan muda

USIANYA baru menjangkau 25 tahun, namun pencapaian yang dicipta Park Yuchun barangkali mengundang cemburu mereka yang turut memburu cita-cita sebagai anak seni.

Park Yuchun berada dalam senarai lima selebriti muda yang meraih pendapatan lumayan mencecah RM31 juta (AS$10 juta) setahun, sekali gus menjadi inspirasi kepada ramai anak muda lain untuk mencipta kegemilangan sepertinya.
Tidak hanya meraih populariti di negara sendiri, Yuchun menjadi kegilaan peminat di Jepun. Ledakan populariti yang diraihnya membolehkan Yuchun menerima antara RM90,000 hingga RM100,000 untuk setiap kemunculan. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Xiahday - Five-syllable Talk From Xiahday Event

Hi Junsu Hi my friends
What’s your personality like? It’s good enough
How much sleep? 6 hours on average
What do you wear to bed? Underwears only
What are your sleeping habits? None particular
What are your hobbies? Playing sports
What do you do on weekends? It changes every weekend
What kind of sports do you play? Soccer, bowling, etc.
Plans for next year? Seems like I’ll be doing musicals.
What is the song you like to sing? I Have a Lover [T/N: Youtube link with Eng sub Originally sung by Lee Eunmi, cover by Seo Inyoung]
Who do you admire? Mozart
What’s your motto? Think positively 
How are you feeling right now? I think I feel good
Your ideal type of woman? A woman with a pretty smile
What’s your ultimate goal? Happy marriage
What do you think of doing a drama? Should I try?
How about a movie? I’m not really sure
Girl groups you’re interested in? 4 Minute, T-Ara
What is your most attractive feature? My butt that sits high up
Which food do you like? I like everything
Which fruit do you like? Pear, tangerine and peach
Are you happy these days? I’m very happy
Why are you handsome? I take after my dad
What do you do in your spare time? I play a soccer [video] game
Xiahky’s whereabouts? He’s at my parents’ place
Why do you like sleeveless shirts? It’s so comfortable
When will you get married? Around 33
Are Xiahpwas pretty? I go crazy b/c they’re so pretty [T/N: It appears that the question and Junsu’s answer is more about how much Junsu like his fans, not about outer appearances.]
When you find them pretty? When they’re looking at me
How do you maintain your figure? I eat dinner only
Any thoughts about becoming 27 [next year]? I want to eat more
What do you think about before going to sleep? What I will do tomorrow
What energizes you? Playing soccer
Anything happy going on these days? We have our new album out
Anything sad going on these days? I can’t be on TV
Anything you want to say? Merong, my friends [T/N: Merong is a sound you make when you stick out your tongue.]

Source: Telzone
Translation by: MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Friday, December 09, 2011

Fza's Life - a GIRL of JYJ+TVXQ

what should i thinking about

what actually i'm thingking about

Thursday, December 08, 2011

AMBER is a member of SUPER JUNIOR?

MLive - MOA Live in Malaysia

i know amber looks like a boy..
but amber is a girl.. hihi..
and surely, amber is 'handsome'
to 'THE STAR', u have to check 1st before u publish a story..

it's ok..
i FORGIVE you..


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

my HIGH CUT #64

dah dapat HIGH CUT #64
*jumping around*
tonite, i can sleep with my 'yuchun'
ade org tnye..
"HIGH CUT 2 ape benda?"
"x pernah nampak pon"
"asal paper nye cm pelik je"

HIGH CUT ni...
- newspaper dari KOREA..
- harga W500 (dlm RM x tau pulak..korang kira sendiri)

balik keje tgk ade 'tumbuhan' kat rak kasut
ape pnye posmen letak kat rak je..

balik bilik, trus bukak dgn ganas nye..
2 sbb my HIGH CUT macam komot2 skit..
(menyesal pulak bukak ganas)

amek kau...
bersepah gile..
sape nak kemas ni..?
( hp pic YUCHUN, keychain pic YUCHUN, newspaper pic YUCHUN)

sume dlm hangul (bahasa korea)
x paham pon..
gedik je beli sbb ade pic mamat YUCHUN ni
tengok j la gambar yea..

Friday, December 02, 2011

If I had one wish..
I would ask these 5 wallpapers become 1 wallpaper..





111201 A New book That Teaches a 'Lesson on JYJ'…."Prosper JYJ" Has Been Published

After the “TVXQ crisis” that has been causing a disruption similar to a nuclear blast in the Korean music industry for the past two years occurred, a book that looks into the foundations of this case has finally been written. This book, published by EnterPost and entitled Prosper JYJ (author Kim BumTae) is now for sale.

This book looks into the ‘faceless’ singers JYJ who ‘cannot perform on music shows even if their sales are number 1′ and makes sure that the issues facing them are squarely raised. The large agencies, entertainment organizations and broadcasters, including those who have been placed in the entertainment industry as merely shareholders used to make sure the corrupt system does not collapse, have created a cartel-like structure around artists like JYJ. This book includes information from various media blogs, such as EnterPost’s popular 3 month long series “JYJ walking back to the tent”.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

[011211] MOST POPULAR STORIES - JYJ - In Heaven Special Edition

AM I RITE..?? 

Proud to be a CASSIOPEIA!
 this news make me jumping like crazy..
I ♥ YOU JYJ....!!!!
make more albums..!!

crdt : allkpop