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KBS can they keep their promise with JYJ? (*A Must Read*)

T/N : The following is a good article about one of the key issues at stake here–the public's right to demand, see, and judge for themselves an artist. What gave the national broadcasting companies (which are supposedly "public" companies and thus receive taxes paid Korean citizens, BTW) the right to arbitrary censor artists they deemed "might make someone angry?" Please read :)

The ironical situation of Park Yuchun's casting in MBC drama "Miss Ripley" and his inability to appear on MBC entertainment programs at the same time… the situation arising from KBS's restraint of letting JYJ on broadcasts… amongst Korean idols, there isn't anyone who has as many controversies as JYJ.

There isn't a single musical program who will allow JYJ to stand on stage, and although they say there aren't any restrictions, we also cannot find programs trying to let JYJ on the air.

There isn't direct evidence for the claim that SM Entertainment, JYJ's ex-management company, has pressured the broadcasting companies in any way. However, it's also true that all broadcasting companies are reluctant to allow JYJ, the group at the center of the controversy, on stage.

JYJ is being reviewed as having proposed a new model for idols. Unlike other idols who set their looks at their head, [JYJ] have set their singing abilities as their foundation and their performances and singing have achieved  steady improvement. Furthermore, each member's musical capabilities are also excellent and thus the members are showing off their abilities in songwriting, and they are being recognized as real artists beyond idol singers, with JYJ's Kim Jaejoong even acting as the director for the World Tour.

Furthermore, recently Kim Junsu's version of "That Man" had caught great attention, and despite the Karaoke accompaniment, Kim Junsu's unique voice, different from Baek Jiyoung, the original singer of the song, and Hyun Bin from drama "Secret Garden", was prominent.

However, we cannot see such singers, considered to be one of the best in terms of singing ability amongst idols, in music programs. This can only be a loss for the viewers. The viewer's demand is to allow JYJ to stand in the music programs and at least give them a chance to compete.

Just in time, on the controversy of problems with JYJ’s appearance on "Music Bank", KBS revealed, "on the production's standard that an artist's appearance is determined by the release of their albums, JYJ, who has not released an album since the court's decision on February 17th, was not a candidate for appearing [in our program]. The selection of the singers is the inherent right of the production staff, and the production staff will determine their appearance according to JYJ's album release and activities in the future".

With this, JYJ has earned the chance to quiet the controversy over the restrictions they've faced in appearing [on broadcasts]. Currently, JYJ has began its World Tour in North America with 4 new songs, and ending their World Tour in June with their concert in Busan. If JYJ releases an album with their new songs then, KBS will have to decide on their appearance according to the appearance criteria they have just announced.

It's difficult to determine the success and failure of JYJ, who has left their ex-management company SM ENT, with their activities up until this point. You cannot say that JYJ has failed without giving them a chance  to stand on stage.

If JYJ's music is below standard, there shouldn't be a need to specifically block their activities. The greatest restriction in activities is the public not listening to a singer's songs.

Therefore, [no one] should deprive the public of their right to judge JYJ's music. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that the danger of hampering the growth of cultural industry, which KBS has referred to, is NOT because of JYJ’s appearance on broadcasts, but because of unfair opportunities.

Source : My Daily
Translated by : withJYJ

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