Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running Man

just watched RUNNING MAN ep 46 and now I'm in love with Gwangsoo..

poor Gwangsoo had to give his speech like that


Friday, February 24, 2012

Yunho - "Excuse me.."

The leader in charge like a boss. A  man who knows how to deal with a chaotic situation. 

"Excuse me..!"  

100212 - Suvarnabhumi Airport to Japan

p/s : to fans..! if you want your idols/bias to come to your country again, respect them..

24012 The Day ranks No. 1 in ticket sales

JYJ's daily life documentary "The Day": First day of opening crowded with more than 4000 people…

Random hilarious scenes from JYJ's "The Day"

When the 3 of them were sitting on the couch at Yuchun's house:

JJ & JS : Yuchun's eyebrows are so amazing without makeup~ We can't see anything except his eyes.. lol
YC : Because my little brother took all of the eyebrows~
JJ&JS : Why don't you tattoo your eyebrows?
YC : Maybe when I get old my body hair would get lighter then only my tattoo would remain, I don't want that!

When JS&JJ were inside Yuchun's toilet, Junsu suddenly said something surprising:

JS : "Well, it is big… because I gained some weight" and we were laughing so hard wondering what kind of conversation those 2 were engaging lol
(I'll leave it up to your imagination lollll)

When they were talking about how after the kiss scene with Jaejoong the actress has become popular:

YC : Then what should that actress do with JJ hyung~"
JJ&JS looked like they were thinking of something weird
YC : Noo~ I'm not talking about weird thing, I'm talking about the deep kiss!!

When they were saying how everyone praised that Jaejoong's kissing skill is good, Yuchun said, "I want to become good at kissing too, what should I do?" and Jaejoong didn't answer LOL

And Yuchun says because it's troublesome, he rarely washes his face and applies lotion.

Credit: OSEN Choi Nayoung Reporter + TV Report + En Korea + @5124×6002

The Nanny - My Favorite Moments?

these kind of moments

Mr. Sheffield : Trust me Miss Fine, if I found a women who loved my children, could make me laugh, and I found attractive.. I'd never let her get away.

Miss Fine : ooh ooh, hang on a second! We're stuck on each other.

Junsu kissed a man

i just knew that Junsu kissed a man in Elisabeth Musical..
(kuno gile)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rooftop Prince - The F4

Rooftop Prince Profiles : Lee Gak

Lee Gak by Park Yuchun

1. The Crown Prince of Josen Dynasty from 300 years ago flew to Seoul.
- He is an uncommonly handsome man that no one in the world can be compared with him.
- He is sagacious and sharp as a tiger but acts with prudence as a cattle
- His loneliness is tremendous that… his body and his shadow feel pity for each other.
The Crown Prince Lee Gak, who transported through 300 years and fell in the middle of Seoul in 21st century one day, feels absolutely dumbfounded!

2. He has been broken-hearted since his beloved Crown Princess. On the day he could finally get the full story about the death of Crown Princess, he fell into Seoul in 21st century out of nowhere.

Awful noise, dazzling lights, is it the afterlife…?

Everything is unfamiliar and frightening. Moreover, no one listens even when he shouts "I am the Crown Prince of Joseon!" He just seems as a S.N.O.B who has no ability to maintain his livelihood, is clueless but acts as if he knew everything, is overly sensitive with bed, treats people harshly and says everything in his mind.

As he lives with Park Ha, who takes in Crown Prince's company with nowhere to go, his cold, frozen emotions starts to wriggle again. Then, he meets Hong Sena, who was reincarnated with the figure of dead Crown Princess. At the same time, he finds out the existence of Yong Taeyong (Missing grandson of President Yeo) who looks exactly like him. He believes he transported the time to find out the death of Crown Princess as destiny. Although he met his longing Crown Princess, he feels uneasy whenever Park Ha is not next to him. He is concerned about Park Ha who would be left alone when he goes back to Joseon.



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Nanny


C.C. : "Isn't it a pity that Maxwell's father left all his money to a trollop?"
Fran : "Oh, he left something for me?"

Homin for MISSHA CF [210212]

There are 2 parts to this CF, one will be released on February 28th that is about 1 minute long, the other part is scheduled to release on March 30th. Please look forward to it.

credit : 山米loveissammi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

watching THE NANNY... again...again.

love it..!
C.C. : What's that?
Maxwell : The nanny.
[Ep. 1 Season 1]

Fran : Ma, pack my things!  He wants me back!
[Ep. 1 Season 1]

MAGGIE : I only want one slice.
FRAN : Me too. Pizza is very fattening.
MAGGIE : Fran, that's two.
FRAN : No honey, not when you eat it like this. The body doesn't know.

Fran new Sitcom..
based on her real life
2nd Season starts 7th March 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rooftop Prince a.k.a Teletubbies and Power Rangers

when i see these pictures,

it reminds me to





but b**** please.. not this one..


TVXQ Staff Update on Changmin's Birthday Message!

[Trans] Thanks for the birthday wishes~. We will work harder to show you our best ~^^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Junsu Junho childhood story [PART 3]

Wiping away the fog on his mother's car window

Junsu and his mother were in a car while it was snowing. His mother told him that there was fog on the windshield and it had to be cleaned with tissue paper. Junsu took the tissue papers and went out of the car. His mother told him to blow at the window and wipe it with tissue paper. Junsu said okay and he blew at the tissue paper. His mother laughed and told him to blow at the window and not at the tissue. As they shared a good relationship with each other, Junsu spent an enjoyable time with his mother.

Fanart: @asxjunsu | Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3 |