F is for FzA

Name : Hafizah
Nickname(s) : Fza, Fza Fzo, Mickey
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Relationship Status : In relationship with Yuchun.. (in my dreams)
Righty or Lefty : Righty (Ambidextrous)

First :
First Love : When i was 15!
First Date : Had one.
First Hanphone : Nokia 8250
First Surgery : Fortunately never had one
First Best friend : Izzati Azmi
First Piercing : Ears.
First Tattoo : N/A
First Sport you played : Are you seriously asking me to remember this?
First Car : Perodua Viva Elite

What was your :
last expensive Meal & How Much : 
last long phone call (whom,when,duration) : Aqma, 20 May 2011, 15 minutes
last emotional text msg SMS : don't remember
last favorite song you listened to : TVXQ - HUG
last time you cried : Day before yesterday coz pplzs was pissing me off

Have you ever :
gotten back with someone you've broken up with : Yes
been cheated on : Yes
kissed someone and regretted it : Yes
lost someone special : Yes
been depressed : Yes. And always
been drunk and thrown up : No.. Never

List 3 favorite colors :

Last year have you (gonna answer for 2011) :
made a new friend : Yes
fallen out of love : Yes
laughed until you cried : Yes
met someone who changed you : No
found out who your true friends were : I've always known

What time did you usually wake up? : Working - 7.30am, Not Working - 12pm

What were you usually doing at midnight before sleep? : Online

Name something you CANNOT wait for : TVXQ to reunite as 5!

What are you listening to now? : Music

Who is always getting on your nervous? : Mom

Are you usually late, early or right on time? : Depends on the occasion

Do you sing everyday? : Yes

Did something illegal? : Once!

When was the last time you lied? : I have no idea.

If you could go back in time, how far would you go? : Nowhere, I'm happiest now.

Had more than 1 boyfriend at a time? : No. I would never.

Have you ever fallen for a friend? : I think YES! but, can we be classified as friends??

The moment you would choose to relive? : None

Do you believe in :
heaven : Definitely Yes
yourself : Yes
love at first sight : Yes
kiss on the first date : No..!
God : Definitely YES! Always ALLAH S.W.T

Your Dream Guy/Girl :
lips or eyes : Eyes
hugs or kisses : Hugs.
shorter or taller : Taller.
older or younger : Older.
romantic or spontaneous : Spontaneous.
nice stomach or nice arms : Don't mind
sensitive or macho : Sensitive (just not overly)

Your Future :
Want kids : before 30
Get married : Yes
Career : Yuchun's wife (muahahaha.. being over)
Are you afraid of posting this as truths? : Not at all


  • menulis 
  • baca
  • shushi
  • tako tao
  • concerts
  • mickey mouse
  • dance..!! [mcm yunho]
  • pakai SHORT
  • tgk wayang sorang2
  • berselipar
  • baju t-shirt
  • lamb chop
  • cheese 
  • makan
  • tido
  • bercakap depan CERMIN
  • skinship ^^
  • kiss [gurls only =D]
  • 'kaki ayam'
  • tdo dalam gulungan selimut tebal
  • MATHEMATICS... ♥ ♥
  • waving at security camera
  • laut..!
  • hujan lebat
  • ais krim
  • receiving text messages
  • hari raya
  • knowing someone misses me
  • knowing someone is thinking of me
  • ponteng kelas
  • lepak
  • suprise
  • bagi hadiah kat parent
  • watching someone do something stupid
  • home alone
  • watching the sun come up
  • cuti...!!!
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • bubble baths =p

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