Friday, May 06, 2011


[Transcription of Yuchun & Yuhwan talking about the "BEE INCIDENT" when they were young.^^]

Yuhwan : When I was 6, I was playing with Yuchun in the grass, and Yuchun was catching bees with a plastic bag. But I guess he was failing~ so he asked me (and I was only six) to catch it with my bare hands. So I did and got stung T_T~
MC : Really? Oh no!
Yuhwan : (to Yuchun) why did you make me do that?
Yuchun : I really wanted to catch a bee. But wait, I told him to catch it, but I never expected

Yuhwan to actually catch it with his hands~ He really did get stung by catching it with his bare hands~ [his hands] go swollen like this big!
Yuhwan obviously didn’t forget about the bee after all these years..

Source : mjjeje126′s Youtube channel
Translation : withJYJ

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