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♥ song for today ♥ [ 23 Mar 2011]

Lee Hom Wang - Kiss Goodbye

p/s : suke gile lagu ni sejak leeteuk nyanyi time SS3.. sedeeyy.. tp lg suke leeteuk's version dari lee hom wang's... jeles gile dgn miera.. time leeteuk perform lagu ni, dia nyanyi skali.. tekejot sbb dia hafal.. bkn dia je, angela.. sume ELF laa.. adoi.. kite ni ddk goyang kaki & goyang lighstick je.. jeles jeles.. lps ni nk hafal.. & mintak2 la leeteuk nyanyi lg ss4 nnt..

star :

SS3 Malaysia Summary (as i remember)

  • water bottles & umrbrella were not even allowed into the stadium, and bag checks were conducted.
  • before the concert starts, L16 show their "teamwork" by holding the same banner together.. follow by L5
  • the stadium full in 10mnts
  • The concert starts at 6:10 pm and it was held in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on the 19th of March 2011 
  • was organized by Running Into The Sun.. tq RITS.. we love u soo much..u did a super great job..
  • the -shaped stage allowed ELF to be closer with SuJu. 
  • introducing started with a video all of the SuJu’s was played on screen. 
  • begin with their hit song ‘Sorry Sorry 
  • donghae 'fly' 2 the top of the stadium and slowly moving downwards the stage, the rest of the members stayed the middle and the side of the stage! 
  • green lazers spilling every corner of the stadium.
  • SuJu were in white.. [handsome =)]
  • ELF used blue lightsticks,the stadium became the sea of SAPPHIRE BLUE.
  • even though the time where Heechul, who performed with an injury, would make an appearance on stage while wearing a mask throughout the entire concert, the fans would all scream their lungs out whenever he takes the stage
  • kangin 'returned' to the group via a VCR instead, and 'performed the violin' along with the other 10 members.. ELF screamed emotionally - while the members were performing air instruments.. i cried like never cry..
  • heechul did not performe Lady Gaga as expected, bcos oh his face was injured, but show off the flirtatious dance that was anticipated by everyone..
  • heechul wearing a face mask, the number of times he would appear on stage was very minuscule.
  • while performing "Don't Don", heechul transformed into a drummer, and stood on the elevated round stage in the center along with henry, zhoumi and jungmo (trax), causing everyone to scream loudly for him once again.
  • siwon asking ELF lend a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake in Japan, and pray for them.
  • singing "Happy Birthday" to eunhyuk.his birthday on 4th april. saje sambut awal.. he turns 25 y.o next month.
  • eunhyuk,henry,donghae and yesung, showing a thumbs up to all ELF.. thanking everyone for their passionate support for SJ..
  • they turned the stage into a huge playground, had lots of fun on stage and went crazy..
  • while singing happily, sungmin and leeteuk slept on the stage, and was then joined by eunhyuk..without warning, shindong later heaved himself on the three of them, before Heechul placed himself on the top of the pile., causing the audience to shout loudly.
  • the scenes of them goofing around brought amount of laughter
  • the end of the concert, the members appeared in vegetable costumes, and played 2geter with ELF
  • kyuhyun attacked eunhyuk from behind, and kicked him to the ground.haha..u got 2 see this..soo funny.. Eunhyuk, who donned a heavy vegetable costume, lost his balance and couldn't push himself up at all. Kyuhyun stepped on him for several more times before helping him up. Evil Kyu..hahaa..
  • while performing "Way For You", SuJu held a huge basket each, and distributed colourful balls to the fans all over the venue, and ELF started snatching for the balls..
  • SJ also added solo performances..
  • leeteuk performed Wang Lee Hom's "Kiss Goodbye" while playing the piano (Chinese language)
  • Siwon sang the song "Looking For The Day.. his english getting better than b4.. i really like his husky voice.. *melt*this is my horse..haha..
  • henry also performed Justin Bieber's popular song "Baby Baby" - played piano and  dance with full energy.. at this moment, i felt in love with at 1st sight..hak hak
  • ryeowook performed "One Fine Spring Day" (Chinese language)
  • kyuhyun performed Wan Fang’s "New Endless Love" (Chinese language)
  • zhoumi danced and sang to Elva Hsiao's "Miss Chic"
  • sungmin sang "If You Leave" had a sexy dance performance with the female dancers.
  • eun-hae also performed a sexy dance with a female dancer. i couldnt see the video.. but i already recorded..haha.. i think the song was "I Wanna Love You"
  • eunhyuk also dance for "Down" by Jay Sean
  • yesung sang "It Has To Be You". When Yesung reached the chorus of his song, ELF sang 2geter him at the top of their voices, causing him to be extremely touched.
  • donghae took a fan’s video camera and recorded a few seconds of him singing 
  • donghae took a fan’s Polaroid camera and took a pic of him together with fans, heechul & sungmin took another camera and took a picture of themselves as well
  • siwon said SuJu is currently preparing for their 5th album and they will be back for SS4 next year... yaahhoooo.....!!! 
  • while they performed "Cooking Cooking", pumpkin (sungmin), mushroom (eunhyuk), broccoli (shindong), onion (leeteuk), tomato (ryeowook), cabbage (yesung), bean sprouts (donghae), green pepper (kyuhyun), carrot (siwon) and chilli (heecul)..
  • henry said that he enjoyed reading his tweets.. 70% were Malaysians Elf..
  • this is the only SS3 that Siwon kept his shirt on.. i'm little bit sad.. coz i wanna see his chocolate abs..haha... =D 
  • last but not least. I HATE VIP SECTION.. mengacau...!!! 

p/s : i miss SS3 soo much... i hope 19th Mar will never end.. i want 19th Mar forever

      Tuesday, March 22, 2011

      TOP 10 vocals in KPOP

      Many fans have expressed their views on this list and wondered why other top vocals such as JaeJoong,KyuHyun,ChangMin,Yuchun and many other stars are not included here,well,i can only say that different people have different point of views!

      The Top 10..!
      1. IU
      2. JongHyun - SHINee
      3. TaeYeon - SNSD 
      4. Junsu - JYJ
      5. ChangMin - 2AM
      6. YongHwa - CN Blue 
      7. Yesung - Super Junior
      8. Hyorin - SISTAR
      9. YoSeob- BEAST
      10. Suzy - Miss A
      (** my fav singer)

      Source : DKP

      Tuesday, March 15, 2011

      Yoochun's twitter updated for ’sasaeng’ fans

      laki aku ni.. 12 march baru nak updated twitter.. pas2 marah2..
      jgn la kaco dia.. aku awek dia pon x kacau dia sgt.. =p
      die expressed his frustrated feelings about sasaeng fans kat twitter dia... (SASAENG - particular group of fans who stalk their favorite star’s private lives and every movement with an emotion that exceeds a normal fan’s.)

      Please don’t follow us. Don’t come to our house either. Sasaeng!

      pas2 peminat  responxe I think Park Yoochun is suffering a lot because of sasaeng fans that follow him to his house”, and “Love expressions towards celebrities should have some restraint. 

      Monday, March 14, 2011

      junsu talks about yuchun's girlfriend!

      JYJ Kim Junsu finally took comments about Park Yuchun’s very own girlfriend.

      During JYJ’s first fan meeting held in Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul on March 12th at 15:00, Kim Junsu attracted audiences’ attention by talking about his fellow Park Yuchun’s girlfriend named Seolinja whom he’s been so boastful about.
      Seolinja was a snowman Park Yuchun made by himself and promoted as his girlfriend through a post at his personal twitter, the snowman has been a famous fictional character among fans ever since, as Seolinja even made 1st most searched word in internet back then.
      Towards this matter Kim Junsu said, “He (Park Yuchun) has come to the point where he even made his own girlfriend like that, I thought it’s really pathetic and I feel sorry for him.” and “Even the size of the snowman is nothing close to size of human, just the size of fist, it’s even more regrettable,” drawing audiences’ laughter.

      Furthermore he blurted, “To have a thought of making own girlfriend… as lonely as he could be, I never know someone could really think to do such thing.” Park Yuchun’s cheeks got even redder to this tease on him.
      Meanwhile, thousands of fans flocked JYJ first fan meeting on March 12th. The event consists many interesting corners such as ‘Ideal Fans World Cup’, ‘Chamchamcham’, and ‘Talk time with the guests’ which successfully entertained all attendees.

      credit: TVDaily
      shared by: DBSKnights

      Thursday, March 10, 2011

      ♥ for you ♥

      please sit down..
      be quiet..
      listen 2 this song and try 2 get the meaning of each word....

      I'm awake in the infinite cold...
      But you sing to me over and over and over again. 
      So, I lay my head back down. 
      And I lift my hands and pray 
      To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours 
      I know now you're my only hope. 

      Wednesday, March 09, 2011

      again... u break my heart into pieces..

      CURANG...!! CURANG..!! CURANG...!!

      NAK TDO SEKARANG JUGAK..! GOOD NITE..!! <--- merah tanda marah

      p/s : pape pon, still suke kahi jugakk... AFTER SCHOOL, HWAITING..!! KAHI..!! HWAITING..!! YUCHUN..!! LOVE YOU..!! =D

      Sunday, March 06, 2011

      The Manhattan. FISH MARKET

      never liked fish.. hanyir, x sedap, lembik..
      but, since TER-makan kat sini, I LOVE 2 EAT FISH SOO MUCH..!!
      lagi ikan cod.. lembutt sangat...

      Thursday, March 03, 2011

      pantang betol laa..!

      1. anak dara x boleh berdandan waktu malam..
      SEBAB : takot wajah yang selalu dibelek pada malam hari, xde seri lg. dr jauh nmpk manis, bile da dekat, masya-Allah, xla secantik mane pon.

      2. anak dara dilarang tidur di tiang seri rumah @ muka pintu..
      SEBAB : konon2 dpt penyakit berat (mcm2).. pas2 ade pulak ckp, nnt pinangan orang tergendala (xjd org masok meminang)
      SEBENARNYA : nk suruh anak dara 2 tdo dlm bilik...

      3. kanak-kanak x boleh makan kepala ikan.
      SEBAB : takot ssh mengingati pelajaran atau lambat khatam Al-Quran..
      SEBENARNYA : kepala ikan sedap dan sikit, dorang x nak kite mkn sebb dorang nk mkn.

      4. org mengandung xleh duduk atas tunggul..
      SEBAB : nanti uri lekat (x tau ape jd klu uri melekat)..

      5. budak-budak jangan mencangkung terlampau lama
      SEBAB : nanti kena buasir.. haha..
      SEBENARNYA : dorg suruh kite ddk elok2.. bersila kan manis..

      6. jangan duduk atas bantal..
      SEBAB : nanti naik bisul.
      SEBENARNYA : bantal tempat alas kepala ketika tidur. Tak elok la duduk.

      7. jangan mandi sungai lama2..
      SEBAB : nanti hantu air hanyutkan & bawa ke hilir (mcm bunian 2)..
      SEBENARNYA : x baik untuk kesihatan..air sungai sejuk..

      8. jangan meludah time berak..
      SEBAB : nanti mulut bau busuk.. ee.. 2 sbb x gosok gigi la 2..
      SEBENARNYA : nak suruh kite fokus berak.. =D

      9. jangan buat pintu rumah menghadap jalan raya..
      SEBAB : nanti senang dpt penyakit...
      SEBENARNYA : bising dgr kete lalu lalang..

      10. jangan bukak payung dalam rumah..
      SEBAB : takut nanti ular masuk (masok mane?? dlm seluar? x zip 2)
      SEBENARNYA : takut tercucuk mata..

      11. jangan basuh pinggan mangkuk time malam jumaat..
      SEBAB :
      nanti tak masuk rezeki (sabtu pg br basoh yea)
      SEBENARNYA : dorg nk kite mengaji..bkn basoh pinggan

      12. jangan rendam kain waktu malam..
      SEBAB : nanti mudah dapat penyakit .(same dgn No 8)

      13. jangan jolok buah waktu senja..
      SEBAB : nanti terjolok hantu
      SEBENARNYA : may b sbb hantu byk kuar time senja.. pas2 hantu mmg dok atas pokok..lg pon ko xde mase lain k nk jolok buah..nk senja2 jugak

      14. jangan menjahit waktu malam..
      SEBAB : nanti mewarisi kemiskinan (klu yg jahiy 2 keturunan org kaya?)
      SEBENARNYA : takot korg rabun.. pas2 kalau2 tercucuk jari cm ne.. ko jugak yg sakit..

      15. jangan makan sambil menatang pinggan..
      SEBAB : nanti seumur hidup menanggung hutang (yea.. PTPTN..mati hidup balik pon x settle)
      SEBENARNYA : nnt pinggan jatuh terbalik.. habis la nasi kau.. bazir..

      16. jangan tiup api lilin @ api dapur @ api pelita berdua..
      SEBAB : takut salah seorang jadi bisu (tiup ber3 okay) =).
      SEBENARNYA : tiup sorang2 kn boleh..kenape nk same2..

      17. jangan menyapu waktu malam..
      SEBAB : nanti semua rezeki yang kita cari waktu siang tadi semua keluar (belanja kwn2 lunch laa).
      SEBENARNYA : org nak tdo.. ko nmpk k habuk nk sapu mlm2 ni..

      18. garam, gula dan beras jangan sampai kehabisan baru nak beli..
      SEBAB : nanti rezeki pendek (pendek?? terase laa)

      19. kalau nak potong kain buat baju, mesti pilih hari yg sesuai. kalau hari Ahad nanti cepat koyak, kalau hari Khamis cepat dapat tukar baru, kalau hari Jumaat nampak cantik di pakai.. (kalau da cantik pki ape pon cantik =p )

      20. kalau meniarap, jangan naikkan & silang kaki..
      SEBAB : nanti mak bapak mati cepat! (arwah nenek pena marah sbb saya slalu buat cm ni)
      SEBENARNYA : x manis je

      21. kalau anak dara, tak boleh duduk di muka pintu & tangga...
      SEBAB : nanti tak dipinang orang @ lambat dpt jodoh (andalusia la kauu)
      SEBENARNYA : x manis dipandang orang, cam tayang muka je (zaman dulu-dulu la zaman sekarang sape yang kisah)

      22. time isteri mengandung suami jangan gi memancing..
      SEBAB : takut dapat anak sumbing (sape yg ade anak sumbing 2, may b bapak dia g memancing time mak dia mengandung.. yek.??)
      SEBENARNYA : nk suruh si suami teman si isteri kat umh..

      23. tutup tingkap sebelum senja..
      SEBAB : nanti hantu masuk rumah! (syaitan la ngok!)
      SEBENARNYA : syaitan kuar merayau2 waktu senja..lg pon da maghrib..

      24. jangan kentut dalam air..
      SEBAB : nanti masuk air! gamaknya  hehehe. (& takot batal puasa..haha..)
      SEBENARNYA : kesian org lain mandi sisa kentot ko.. klu ko kentot tercirit, x naya?

      25. anak dara jangan menyanyi ketika memasak..
      SEBAB : nanti dapat laki tua.
      SEBENARNYA : Takut air liur masuk dalam makanan.

      26. jangan main api..
      SEBAB : nanti telinga menanah.. (ape kene mengena??)
      SEBENARNYA : takut terbakar ruma..

      27. jangan bergendang dalam rumah..
      SEBAB : nanti harta habis dicuri oleh orang..
      SEBENARNYA : bising la weiii... orang nak tdoo..

      28. jangan makan atas pinggan retak @ sumbing
      SEBAB : akan dapat isteri atau suami yang telah berkahwin dua atau tiga kali. (kaau jodoh?)
      SEBENARNYA : sebenarnya untuk nak elak dr luka jee

      Wednesday, March 02, 2011

      my fruit heart

      my fruit heart (buah hati saya) =D
      lepas tgk pix ni, pengsan kejap.. dalam 5 minit kemudian, bgn balik..
      pengsan balik..
      bangun balik.. 
      haa (mengeluh!)
      awak buat saya tersenyum sampai terkeluar telinga..
      my god.. nape la ensem sgt nih..!
      x leh nk ckp ape.. sukee...!!