Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JYJ Handwritten Christmas Card Message


Junsu's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
Merry christmas n happy new year ^.^
Our beloved fans!! I sincerely thank everyone who were running with barefoot day and night and always love us. Living a lonely life in separation, just thinking about you makes me miss you. "Come empty… return empty…" You reap what you sow. You come into life with bare hands and leave with bare hands. So let's spend every step of my life without regret. Amen
Hallelujah. Bambaya. Amen.
P.S: United we stand, divided we fall. In this cold Christmas… let's be united, everyone.


Jaejoong's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
It's already my 26th Christmas,
How many times has everyone spent Christmas?
I hope that this Christmas becomes a special day for everyone.
With each passing year, I feel that one year is too short..
Looking back on the passing year and thinking about how much love we have given and received or having time for self-reflection in order to become a merciful and considerate person seems good.
Try to make a plan to fruitfully spend next year.
I love you. I'll protect you~.


Yuchun's Handwritten Christmas Card Message
Merry Christmas & happy New Year
Even though there is "Christmas" ever year…
But to get to spend time with people we cherish, this doesn’t happen every year…
In the moments when thinking of "Am I happy?"
In reality you all are already living in happiness
I love you all~
P.S. Call me right now

trans by : sharingyoochun, The_Little_Pear of JYJ3

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