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[BH] Artis tempatan patut contohi disiplin, kualiti K-Pop Korea Selatan

RABU - 27/4/2011

SAYA tertarik artikel pada 24 April lalu bertajuk ‘Awasi remaja fanatik K-Pop’. Saya adalah antara remaja yang meminati atau menggilai industri hiburan Korea Selatan.

Saya juga ingin menambah kenapa kami meminati K-Pop dan saya sering berasakan industri tempatan kita perlu mencontohi langkah berkenaan untuk mendapatkan artis berkualiti, antaranya berhubung isu dadah.

Di Korea Selatan, artis yang mengambil dadah digam dan tidak dibenarkan muncul di kaca televisyen. Antara artis mereka yang terkena tempiasnya adalah pelakon utama cerita Princess Hour iaitu Joo Ji Hoon dan Kim Sung Min.

Rancangan Qualification of Men yang turut disertai Kim Sung Min juga terus tidak menayangkan episod yang disertainya. Ini bermakna dia digam serta-merta. Bagi saya ini adalah langkah baik dan menunjukkan bahawa isu dadah bukannya perkara dipandang remeh.

Selain itu, saya suka dengan gaya dan langkah mereka untuk menjadi artis. Sepanjang saya meminati artis K-Pop, saya tidak pernah mendengar isu artis segera. Untuk pengetahuan, mereka yang ingin menjadi artis perlu menjalani latihan untuk jangka masa panjang sehingga ada mengambil masa lebih lima tahun sebelum mengeluarkan album.

Hal ini menjadikan artis mereka berkualiti dan kebal. Rancangan televisyen mereka ataupun lebih dikenali sebagai ‘variety show’ di Korea juga sangat menarik. Mereka mempunyai idea kreatif dan kebanyakan rancangan berkenaan menghiburkan dan pada masa sama turut mempunyai nilai murni.

Antara rancangan yang saya minati ialah Chit Chat of Beautiful Lady yang turut ditayangkan di Astro 391 (KBS World). Rancangan ini memaparkan perbezaan budaya di dunia. Seorang daripada penuntut Malaysia di Korea, Sophia Ridza juga pernah menjadi tetamu tetap di rancangan ini.
Bagi saya secara jujurnya, jika dibandingkan dengan artis dari Eropah, artis Korea mempunyai peribadi lebih baik. Jika ingin menyatakan mereka membawa pengaruh tidak elok, mengapa tidak kerajaan turut risau dengan artis dari Eropah?
Sebagai contoh, Adam Lambert yang dikatakan gay, mengapa tidak haramkan saja? Selain itu, Lady Gaga yang bagi saya tidak bermoral dari segi baju dan lagunya juga masih menjadi ikutan artis kita.

Saya bukanlah menyatakan artis dari Korea ini 100 peratus bagus, tetapi merasakan mereka jauh lebih baik untuk diminati berbanding artis Eropah.



JAE loves HO-MIN

HO-MIN..!! DID YOU SEE THIS..?? they never stopped loving the two of you T_T
I swear, I cry every single time I watch this. 
Kid : "Mom, what were you like when you were my age(teeneger)?"
Me : "Umm, you see, I was.."

In my head:
- went to JYJ, SUPER JUNIOR concerts and fanmeetings
- spent all my money on concerts
- slept at dawn because of comebacks
- failed on exam because of daydreaming of my bias during class
- spent my time cooped up in my room saving photos
- spent all my money on SUPER JUNIOR's, TVXQ's, JYJ's album
- spent my time on listening to K-POP songs

For conclusion I'll answer : “I was a pretty normal kid. Enough. u've to sleep now".

I did it.. yeahhh...!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free SJ-M Concert at Putrajaya (28 May 2011)

gileeee laaaa.... hak hak......... ^^
tanx 2 MIERA.... tau dr adik comel 2 la.. 
saya over excited pulak hr ni.. padahal problem kat opis bergunung2 nk settle kn...
lupe kn je la psl opis 2..
saya lagi suke SUPER JUNIOR M.. =D
PM nak SuJu-M ni dtg 28th May ni sempena HARI BELIA.. 
ni saya kat Najib ni..
suke bile SuJu slalu dtg Malaysia...
da kene stat hafal lagu PERFECTION ni..
wwwuuuuu..... nak x dgr saya jerit sekuat2 nye..??? (x nak..? -.-' sampai hati)
haha.... rase rase benda ni kompem kn..??
sbb da kuar TV, YOUTUBE... tolong laaa JANGAN CANCEL kn...
haaa... tgk la sendiri... malas nk ckp... lagu pon gune lau SORRY SORRY...

jom sama2 hafal lagu ni...
buat2 la paham ye...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



❒ Single 

Loving a popular boy in Seoul who doesn't know me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is how Eunhyuk climbs up and goes down the bars

mmg tergelak sampai nak termuntah.. hyuk never fail make me laugh.. haha.. my monkey

First he runs up the pole bars

Then he hangs like a monkey

…and this is how he goes down.

(Source : SIWON BIAS)

Worry Wart.

Junsu : Yah, what are you doing?! Why did you turn off the lights?!
Yuchun : If we don't turn off the lights, the fans will crowd downstairs.

(An hour later, Yuchun turned all the lights on again)
Junsu : Why did you turn on the lights again?
Yuchun : What if all the fans really leave...?!

(source :

Friday, April 22, 2011


sometimes i wish i was a CAT

other times, i wish i was a HANDPHONE 

there are also times i wanna be SUNGLASSES

but, most of the time, i really wanna be a MICROPHONE

But, after i think about it for million times, i proud with who i am.. i am a CASSIOPEIA & an ELF... =') 

bcoz i like these oceans

Thursday, April 21, 2011

♥ song for today ♥ [21 Apr 2011]

MARIMAR OST (TV3 - every weekdays 3:00pm)

you just have to say "ALHAMDULILLAH" for every single day

If you think your salary is low…

If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?

When you feel like giving up …

If you complain about your transport system …

If you think you are unhappy…

If your society is unfair …

Enjoy life, how it is, and as it comes 
There are always those who are worse off than we are. 
There are many things in your life that will catch your eye, 
But only a few will catch your heart…pursue those…

this is what happen when i saw them for the 1st time

these guys make me wanna scream like i never had a voice b4..

huuh..! they r not coming out yet

they just turn off the light

they r coming noooow...!! i can see all of theeeem..!!

when one of them look at me

when they took off their shirt in the middle of the concert

p/s : okay.. sangat rindu 19 MARCH 2011.. rindu KANGIN, KIBUM, HANGENG... thats y i post this.. i still 13ELIVE that they r always FAMILY.. 13 is GROUP, 15 is FAMILY... (tanx miera.. cm ne tah leh tggl)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JYJ Yuchun’s CF for “TiO” (Full version)

  • The full version of Yuchun’s first ever individual CF finally hit the public broadcast today (20th April 2011) ..“TiO” recently updated with an online advertisement of the Yuchun as a popular high school teacher.
  • He accidentally bumps into a student holding cups of ice tea as he walks out of a room. The girls freeze over his breathtakingly handsome looks while Yuchun gives an awkward laugh.
  • Netizens commented on the hilarious CF, “I want a teacher like that in our school!”, and “I can totally understand what that girl must be feeling!”

Check this out.. ^^ (DONT FORGET TO TURN ON THE 'CC')

The Guiness World Record.

According to Guiness World Record, JYJ is the biggest band. Bigger than The Beatles, Backstreet Boys & others. They also are idols that signed the most autographs. I think this should be DBSK + JYJ

what happen to the others when the leader promote their new MV

it was in 2008.. i miss the 5 of you... DBSK/TVXQ + JYJ = CASSIOPEIA 
Junsu is doing push-ups.
Yuchun & Junsu begins to walk weirdly.
Yuchun & Junsu again take turns walking weirdly.
Jaejoong is stripping & yet again, Yuchun & Junsu still walking weirdly.
Jaejoong notices the camera & he runs away.
What i like is the maknae Changmin.. he just stay calm, laughing, smile & watching the hyungs.. cute Jaejong.. funny Yuchun & Junsu.. and the leader Yunho, he donno anything what happen..serius promote the MV - MIROTIC <---- click this to watch the MV

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


wuuuu~~~ jealous nyee.... utk miera, harap bersabar..

then, he ask u an apologize..

Source : SS3 MANILA

Friday, April 15, 2011


Answer : DIA NI.. 
RI : hahaha..aku tak mahu pulang kan... hak hak hak
p/s : xde orang lain k.. mamat ni jugak...haha... nape amek hati i..?? bagi balik laa... u jgn lah selalu dgn MK.. i jealous laa... RI.. jom kawen dgn i..
boleh nyanyi kan 1 lagu utk saya..??