Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rumor - YunJae meeting up secretly?

From : Aizamia Boojaejoong [110112, 16:57]

There's a fan in Korea who lives in the same district as Jaejoong. From time to time, she will see Yunho's Audi parked below Jaejoong's house. Both of them are not living together, due to their busy schedule. But Yunho has the key to Jae's new house, so if both of them are in Korea, Yunho will go to Jae's house occasionally."

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Source: Eiffel_9095回忆录
Trans by: @DBSKRainbows

"Believe in what you want to believe"


  1. actually this is an old story.

  2. this is probably before the laswsuit...