Thursday, August 19, 2010

♥ i miss u Park Yong Ha ♥

12 Aug 1977 ~ 29 June 2010
tetiba mcm nk cite psl dia ni.. rindu kot.. may b i just watched about his funeral kat youtube.. ramai yg dtg funeral day dia hr 2... yg berlakon smae dgn dia cite winter sonata pon dtg.. yujinn & joonsang.. Some of them still can’t believe yg Park Yong-Ha had passed away. Park Yong-Ha was found dead hari selasa 29th June 2010.. rase nye dlm pkul 5:30 pg... umur baru 30... jd artis terkenal & kaya pon ssh jugak.. byk masalah.. may b dia ni x larat nk handle sume, 2 sbb dia trus commit suicide.. 
keje dia yg x settle lg byk, yg latesr his upcoming drama la.. Love Song.. rase nye adaptation from chinese movie.. tp x ingt la tajuk cite 2 ape..  lg 1 yong ha spttnye ade concert kat seoul..hmm... fans sume da beli tiket... sold out pulak 2.. x sempat nk tgk dia wt show.. 
i think 2nd july lps was his funeral day..  

hero + heroine winter sonata

This is shocking and sad... if you want the details of his death, go somewhere else to look. I just want to pay tribute to an actor and singer that I have followed for so long who left us too soon.
I know that I'm missing a bunch of projects that he did, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind when I think of Park Yong Ha.

p/s : teringat time dia berlakon dlm cite winter sonata.. gonna miss u sanghyuk..


  1. till now still xley cye die da xde. mcm mimpi jep.;(

  2. yeah.. byk sgt artis korea mati sbb bunuh diri.. sume sbb stress keje.. huhu