Friday, May 27, 2011

Junsu tweets photos from Disneyland

Junsu is found standing in front of the Rivers of America
 Junsu tweeted,

"Disneyland.. ^^
Mickey.. As soon as I saw him I yelled 'Yuchuuun!!!!' and high-fived him.. Mickey… was a bit taken aback…..sorry.. I was just really glad to see you…"

Mickey Mouse is looking rather shocked, probably cause Junsu greeted him by calling him Yuchun. hik hik

Fans commented, "Mickey Mouse really does look taken aback keke I understand your heart. Whenever I see dolphins, I call them Junsu." and "Have fun in Disneyland! You deserve the vacation."

Source : Junsu's Twitter [0101xiahtic]


  1. junsu msty rndu yuchun sgt2. TT

  2. 2 laa.. mickey 2 pon pelik asl tetiba nk high 5..
    aaa...junsu comel... mane jaejoong...