Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Syllable Talk With Park Yuchun

Are you happy these days? - I'm so happy.
Are rehearsals going well? - Yeah, they're going well.
When will we meet again? - We'll meet when the time comes.
Are you really lonely? - No, not at all.
Are you eating well? - Because of my Colitis.
You're healthy, right? - Because of my Colitis.
Do you like skinny jeans? - Yes, because they have a nice fit.
Do you watch your figure? - Do you?
Your definition of happiness? - Continuous consideration for others.
How does it feel to be 26? - There's nothing much to it.
How do you feel right now? - So so.
What do you do at night? - I film.

What do you think about before you sleep? - I should quit drinking.
How much do you drink usually? - One or two drinks and I'm done.
What do you prefer to eat with your drink? - Steamed Beolgyo cockles.
What snacks do you like? - I don't like eating snacks.
What role do you want to play? - The Express Bus Terminal. (T/N: 역 means both 'role' and 'station'. There he goes with his lame jokes again~)
What did you think of being in a historical drama? - It was hot and cold.
Have you thought about appearing in a movie? - The risks are big.
What kind of CF do you want to try? - A CF for underwear. (0.o)
What do you feel when you get on stage? - I feel that I’m alive.
Where do you want to visit? - Around the Gaema Heights.
What's your tonic? - Heotgae Condition (T/N: It's a healthy energy drink).
What color underwear do you prefer? - Black&pink.
What is your charm? - My charm is that I have no charm.
Something that recently made you sad? - Because of my Colitis.
Something that recently made you happy? - My Colitis went away.
Do you tear up sometimes? - It's not always an act (T/N: as in he doesn't only cry for his drama)

What are you into these days? - Bugatti Veyron.
What's your catchphrase these days? - Because of my Colitis.
Your current weight? - 62.5kg.
Your current ideal woman? - Always Kim Tae Hee.
When do you plan on getting married? - I don’t plan on getting married.
Plans for children? - Older daughter, younger son.
We're pretty, right? - Your hearts are pretty.
Your future plans? - Buy a building.
Are these five syllable talks difficult? - They’re so banal now.
What do you want to say to us? - Watch my drama when it airs!

Source: [Micky Party Birthday Book + Yuaerubi]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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