Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what happen to the others when the leader promote their new MV

it was in 2008.. i miss the 5 of you... DBSK/TVXQ + JYJ = CASSIOPEIA 
Junsu is doing push-ups.
Yuchun & Junsu begins to walk weirdly.
Yuchun & Junsu again take turns walking weirdly.
Jaejoong is stripping & yet again, Yuchun & Junsu still walking weirdly.
Jaejoong notices the camera & he runs away.
What i like is the maknae Changmin.. he just stay calm, laughing, smile & watching the hyungs.. cute Jaejong.. funny Yuchun & Junsu.. and the leader Yunho, he donno anything what happen..serius promote the MV - MIROTIC <---- click this to watch the MV

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