Friday, November 18, 2011


"It was very emotional. The feeling of having to just stand and watch others perform on stage, it was very painful. 'I have to be standing there and singing too… but when will that day come?' I thought of this a lot. And during the hiatus, TVXQ was gradually being forgotten. I once had the chance to ask a bunch of young kids, 'Who do you like~?' And they answered 'Oh, I like SNSD'.. 'Ah~ Who else?'.. 'I like Super Junior~'.. 'What about TVXQ?'... 'Who is TVXQ?' When they said that… 'Ah. If we continue like this, it will be dangerous.'

With that feeling in our hearts we stood on stage at SM Town. And other singers, as well as other singers' fans, cheered out for us. (Changmin: tens of thousands—) Tens of thousands, and that sound suddenly pounded strongly at my heart, along with the music. 'Ahhh, this is it. This is the reason that I sing.' Yes." - Yunho, on what he felt as he came down the stage of SM Town Seoul '10

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