Friday, February 24, 2012

24012 The Day ranks No. 1 in ticket sales

JYJ's daily life documentary "The Day": First day of opening crowded with more than 4000 people…

Random hilarious scenes from JYJ's "The Day"

When the 3 of them were sitting on the couch at Yuchun's house:

JJ & JS : Yuchun's eyebrows are so amazing without makeup~ We can't see anything except his eyes.. lol
YC : Because my little brother took all of the eyebrows~
JJ&JS : Why don't you tattoo your eyebrows?
YC : Maybe when I get old my body hair would get lighter then only my tattoo would remain, I don't want that!

When JS&JJ were inside Yuchun's toilet, Junsu suddenly said something surprising:

JS : "Well, it is big… because I gained some weight" and we were laughing so hard wondering what kind of conversation those 2 were engaging lol
(I'll leave it up to your imagination lollll)

When they were talking about how after the kiss scene with Jaejoong the actress has become popular:

YC : Then what should that actress do with JJ hyung~"
JJ&JS looked like they were thinking of something weird
YC : Noo~ I'm not talking about weird thing, I'm talking about the deep kiss!!

When they were saying how everyone praised that Jaejoong's kissing skill is good, Yuchun said, "I want to become good at kissing too, what should I do?" and Jaejoong didn't answer LOL

And Yuchun says because it's troublesome, he rarely washes his face and applies lotion.

Credit: OSEN Choi Nayoung Reporter + TV Report + En Korea + @5124×6002

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