Friday, December 16, 2011

Xiahday - Five-syllable Talk From Xiahday Event

Hi Junsu Hi my friends
What’s your personality like? It’s good enough
How much sleep? 6 hours on average
What do you wear to bed? Underwears only
What are your sleeping habits? None particular
What are your hobbies? Playing sports
What do you do on weekends? It changes every weekend
What kind of sports do you play? Soccer, bowling, etc.
Plans for next year? Seems like I’ll be doing musicals.
What is the song you like to sing? I Have a Lover [T/N: Youtube link with Eng sub Originally sung by Lee Eunmi, cover by Seo Inyoung]
Who do you admire? Mozart
What’s your motto? Think positively 
How are you feeling right now? I think I feel good
Your ideal type of woman? A woman with a pretty smile
What’s your ultimate goal? Happy marriage
What do you think of doing a drama? Should I try?
How about a movie? I’m not really sure
Girl groups you’re interested in? 4 Minute, T-Ara
What is your most attractive feature? My butt that sits high up
Which food do you like? I like everything
Which fruit do you like? Pear, tangerine and peach
Are you happy these days? I’m very happy
Why are you handsome? I take after my dad
What do you do in your spare time? I play a soccer [video] game
Xiahky’s whereabouts? He’s at my parents’ place
Why do you like sleeveless shirts? It’s so comfortable
When will you get married? Around 33
Are Xiahpwas pretty? I go crazy b/c they’re so pretty [T/N: It appears that the question and Junsu’s answer is more about how much Junsu like his fans, not about outer appearances.]
When you find them pretty? When they’re looking at me
How do you maintain your figure? I eat dinner only
Any thoughts about becoming 27 [next year]? I want to eat more
What do you think about before going to sleep? What I will do tomorrow
What energizes you? Playing soccer
Anything happy going on these days? We have our new album out
Anything sad going on these days? I can’t be on TV
Anything you want to say? Merong, my friends [T/N: Merong is a sound you make when you stick out your tongue.]

Source: Telzone
Translation by: MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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