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Sasaeng Fans at the Funeral Parlor of Park Yuchun's Father?

Check out the article written by Huh Jin Mi from Life Today and the original article with pictures here.

On 14th, JYJ's Park Yuchun’s father has departed from this life due chronic disease. As the funeral parlor was prepared at Sungmo Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul many people including reporter gathered up. Saseng fans, who chase after every move of celebrities, did they come to the funeral parlor risking the recent dispute?

At 7pm on 14th, the funeral parlor on the second floor of funeral hall of Gangnam Sungmo Hospital was unexpectedly tranquil. At the lobby of the second floor, there were body guards who were blocking stairs and elevators, reporters and condoles of other funeral parlor. The security was stricter probably due to the recent controversy with saseng fans. Because we could not see saseng fans at the lobby of the second floor, we went to the parking lot where they usually stay.

We visited the parking lot which was divided in two floors. Unlike the lobby, there were students, who seemed to be fans, wearing school uniforms gathered in small groups. More people gathered to the place as the night came.

-I could not leave him behind to go to the academy… 
A female high school student showed herself at the lobby of second floor. She, who seemed to came from the school, entered with heavy expressions. The high school girl who was standing for a while called to her friend. She said “I just came as soon as I finished my school and will participate in a wake until I go to the academy.”

After the call, the high school girl sat on the sofa on the side of lobby and stared blankly at the entrance of the funeral parlor protected by body guards. We approached to the student who was sitting on the sofa.

The high school girl who is in 10th grade said she arrived at the funeral hall around 6 pm. She came here as soon as she received the news on her smartphone. The student who was passing on the situation of the funeral parlor to her friend on Kakao Talk said “I wanted to buy the chrysanthemum but I did not have money. I got a chrysanthemum from the wreath and I wrote a letter (to Park Yuchun)."

Of course, she could not enter the funeral parlor. She said a staff of the agency took the flower and letter saying he would deliver them. The student stumped her feet while she said “I have to go to the academy at 10pm. I hope that I can enter and condole.”

-I came to share Park Yuchun's sadness from close distance.
While we were having conversation, a lady in her mid-30’s approached. The lady naturally asked the student “whose fan are you?” The lady, who has been staying at the lobby on the second floor since the reporter from Life Today arrived, was also fan of Park Yuchun!

The lady rushed to the funeral parlor after she saw Park Yuchun’s sad face at the Incheon Airport. She felt anxious that she could not see the face of Park Yuchun,who has entered the funeral parlor around 6pm, because she arrived here at around 6:30pm.

She said “I just came here because I wanted to say good bye to Yuchun’s father. Yuchun seemed to be really depressed when I saw pictures on articles. I want to enter the funeral parlor to see his face and exchange salutations, but they do not let me. I would just come out after I exchange salutations…”

The lady came to share Park Yuchun’s sadness from close distance. She also brought condolence money worth 500,000 Won. She said she felt shameful she could only bring this much although she wants to pay more.

-“Let’s call each other when we find out members’ telephone numbers”
After sharing some basic information, the high school girl and the lady shared the information of JYJ that they knew and developed a bond of sympathy.

After a while, the lady asked if the school girl knew the telephone numbers (of members). The high school said “Someone told me when I went to see oppas. I added them and called them. They were right numbers.” The lady showed interest asked for details when the student said she knew their numbers. Then, they suddenly exchanged their numbers so they can share the members’ telephone numbers if they know them.

They started to worry about Park Yuchun by saying “He must be still crying, right?” “his face is a mass” and etc; and they looked at the entrance of the funeral parlor. Then, they searched articles with their smart phones. The lady stared at a picture of Park Yuchun crying at the airport and wept.

Around 11pm, the high school student stood up from the sofa. The lady requested to stay together, but the student left after saying “I want to but I have to go.” The reporter of Life Today asked the day until when she would stay.

The lady replied “I brought the car. The parking fee would cost a lot…Can I pay it with credit card…? (smile). Will I be able to see his face once if I stay here?”

-I do not have my private life. Oppa’s private life is my life!
The reporter of Life Today met an ex-saseng fan ‘A’ at the funeral hall and had an interview. We could hear the life of saseng fans from 'A'.

Q. The society is uproarious with the problem of saseng fans. Are those images described by the media real?
A. Most of them are real. There are fans who take saseng taxis. There are so many saseng fans (sasengs) who know members’ phone numbers and who sneaked into their dormitories.

Q. Why do they take saseng taxis? 
A. For me, I started to ride them because I was curious what Oppas are doing at night time. Most saseng fans want to go to more private places rather than following the official schedules or visiting beauty parlors and gyms that others also know. There is nothing that we want to do. We just get satisfied by knowing who they meet and where and what they eat and others. Also, only beginners use saseng taxis. If you continue for a while, you know the bar and PC Room that they visit frequently and share information with other close sasengs. You can find them out even without using saseng taxis.

Q. I heard there are professional saseng taxi drivers. Is it true? 
A. Of course. There are drivers who always call us. They sometimes tell us where oppas are. They are very active because saseng taxi is their occupations. They share information by themselves as well.

Q. You would use a lot of money if you follow them all day long or use taxis. Where do you earn that money? 
A. Middle and high school students bring money from home. Some students use tuition fee for academies and some students do part-time job. They do part-time job at convenience store according to the time when oppas don’t usually move. There are many students who drop out from school or who no longer go home.

Q. I heard there are saseng fans who sneak into dormitories. 
A. There are many of them. In the past, there were many sasengs who copied the key. When oppas are not there, we enter the dormitory to see how it looks like, lie down on their beds… We go in because we are curious how they live.

Q. I heard there are saseng fans who sneak into the house, and try to touch or kiss when celebrities are sleeping. 
A. That is violating rule. There are rules between sasengs as well. Those include do not enter the dormitory, do not touch their bodies and etc. when oppas are at the dormitory. Sasengs, who went in and tried to kiss oppas, broke rules. I heard that the saseng who kissed at the dormitory got assaulted by other sasengs.

Q. Why do you follow them like that?
A. In the beginning, we go to dormitory, office or venues to see them in real. We get to see them for 5 seconds or 10 seconds if we wait. We start to see more and end up chasing after their private lives. As oppas started to go other countries, there are sasengs who follow them to other countries as well. Those sasengs keep look at them by riding the same airplanes. Then, oppas start to know my existence and I feel happy about that. Although sasengs know Oppas hate these, sasengs want to be recognized using those tactics. [quote]

Saseng fans who just want to see ‘oppas’ close by and want oppas to recognize them. Their longings crossed borders as their actions turned into crimes like trespassing, location tracing, and etc.. There is no one who sees their actions as ones from beautiful fans’ love of teen age girls anymore. Saseng fans must know that they are committing crimes and they can be punished.

Unfortunately, there is no legal limitation to punish them. There should be legal measures which can awaken saseng fans who are ruining not only lives of celebrities but also their own lives.

translated by; dlwpdldhkdlwp

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