Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video Of The Day: JYJ’s Junsu Gets His Revenge!

The TVXQ boys have a running gag from forever ago where they would go “TVXQ Fighting!” along with every other member’s name besides Junsu’s.
How adamant were they about that gag? They even used to attempt it at super serious press conferences like the one announcing Mirotic!
It looks like Junsu has finally had enough and in this adorable clip from backstage at their photoshoot for NII, rebellious Junsu makes an appearance!
In the clip, Yoochun started with “Please love these shirts,” which Jaejoong followed up with, “Also, please love Junsu,” and “Of course, please love Yoochun.”
Junsu butts in at the end with a “Please skip Jaejoong hyung.”

Source : MTVK

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