Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Show 3 Malaysia Promotional

just found this video.. hahaa... teringat time beratur beli tiket...
kali ni mmg ade lg yg tdo kat mall.. dengar elok-elok..
leeteuk cakap APA KHABAR...

[ENG Translation by Yenny WIjaya]

LEETEUK : Hello,Malaysian Fans,apa khabar~We want to tell you all a good news here. In 19 March 2011, SJ will visit Malaysia again,we'll held SS3 Concert in Stadium Bukit Jalil.I remember last year SS2,many fans queue up overnight to purchase tickets,so in order to thank for the support,this time,we'll give better performance in SS3.Lastly,We hope to see you all in Stadium Bukit Jalil.See you!We are Super Juni~or!

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