Sunday, June 12, 2011

sikit-sikit during JYJ IN BUSAN

  • concert tamat dengan jaya nye.. all cassies was soo happy.. 
  • byk gila JAPANESE fans dtg.. (read related post) 
  • Korea Airline sediakan flight khas utk japanese  fans yg nk dtg concert JYJ
  • the stadium full of RED OCEAN 
  • lagu pertama dorg performed was IDS
  • #JYJinBusan is trending at No.3 excluding the Promoted trend! :D
  • Junsu's voice is such heavenly. You can hear fans singing along with him...
  • Female dancer dancing with Jaejoong  & Jaejoong being stripped....again! 0.o! screaming!!
  • masa nyanyi 'Untitled Song Part 1', yuchun rapped well..that's my boy.. GOOD GOOD
  • FUNNY PART : during 'CHAJATTA', yuchun FORGOT his part and laughed..  haaaa..comel
  • disebabkan yuchun lupe part dia, fans tolong nyanyi kan..muahaha... 
  • lepas concert abis, junsu trus tweet = "모두 고맙고 사랑해♡" [everybody thank you, love you] & tweet gambar skali..

the red ocean is bringing tears to my eyes! it's so beautiful! T_T

yang ni best gile..junsu kira 1,2,3, the whole stadium tukar warna MERAH!

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