Friday, April 08, 2011

Jokwon, Best Husband On "We Got Married"

Singer Jokwon was chosen as The Best Husband from the popular reality tv show "We Got Married".
40% (300 people) selected Jokwon, who was paired up with Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in. Viewers of the show loved Jo-kwon for his wit and kid-like innocence. The two became so popular together that there were fans who would beg them to really date in real life.

2nd place was Kim Hyun-joong with 24% (181 people). Kim was loved for his awkward yet cute ways with his wife, singer Hwangbo.

3rd place was Jung Yong-hwa, leader of CNBLUE, garnered 16% (124 people) for his make-believe marriage life with Girls Generation's Seo-hyun.

The sweet and thoughtful Alex won over 9% of the votes (70 people) when he was featured on the show with Shinae.

Nickhun followed with 8% (57 people), who's currently still with the show with f(x)'s Victoria.

 Lastly, Jung Hyung-don trailed with 4% (31 people), for his short marriage with Saori. (no pic of him. i dont know them.. hekhek)

**The next upcoming episode of "We Got Married" will feature Lee Jang-woo and T-ara's Ham Eun-jung couple and the singer Kim Won-joon and broadcaster Park So-hyun couple.


  1. for me;
    1; ADAM couple.
    2; YONGSEO couple.
    3; KHUNTORIA couple.
    4; WOOJUNG couple.
    5; me and hae couple **ngehngeh XD

    **for adam and yongseo, they did a great job and sweetest couple ever. final epsd never failed make me cry TT.

  2. adam always no 1.. best gile dpt couple cm 2..sumpah gelak smpi pecah perot..
    waahh... x tgk lg wgm haera(donghae+miera) couple.. mane nk cr yek? =p

  3. ah the 2nd couple is reaally ugly