Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All : hello, we’re JYJ.. i’m kim jaejoong…i’m park yoochun…and i’m kim junsu.
Jaejoong : 1st, it’s the new year, a while has passed since the Lunar New Year… today, there’s a reason that all three of us have come together… for junsu’s musical, ‘Tears in Heaven’.
Yoochun : applause, applause.
Jaejoong : junsu came right after his performance.
Junsu : i look like a panda.. i’m still in my stage make-up.
Jaejoong : junsu-sshi, can you say Happy New Year in a musical song to our fans who visit our homepage?
Junsu : (singing) happy new year~ okay, just this much.


Yoochun : what’s the name of the song you just sang?
Junsu : it’s ‘Can You Hear Me’.
Jaejoong : yoochun-sshi, can you sing it for us once, too?
Yoochun : hhaahh~ i can’t hear


Jaejoong : send a new year’s greeting
Yoochun : oh. Happy New Year.
Jaejoong : yes.. please have a happy new year.. because it’s Valentine’s Day… Junsu-sshi, do you think you will receive chocolates from an actress…oh, maybe not an actress…from a female or someone you like?
Junsu : from my fans!
Jaejoong/Yoochun : Ohh..! you say it first now… during an interview!
Jaejoong : then who do you want to receive it from first?
Junsu : from my fans, of course! you want me to pick a specific person?
Jaejoong : then on White Day, if you had to pick one person to give candy to… then who will you give it to?
Junsu : then…i will just pick someone randomly.
Jaejoong : how about you, Yoochun-sshi?
Yoochun : i’m going give candy to everyone.. how can i just pick one?
Junsu : you’re going to give it to all 100,000 people?
Yoochun : what about you, jaejoong-hyung?
Jaejoong : if i have to give it to only one person, then i won’t give it to anyone at all.
Yoochun : ohh~ we’re on the same page.
Junsu : how is it the same? you (Yoochun) said you’re going to give it to everyone and you (Jaejoong) said you’re not going to give it to anyone.. it’s totally different.
Jaejoong : no, i’m saying that rather than just picking one person, I would just not give it to anybody. Giving it to just one person is a little…
Junsu : then, on White Day, i’m going to eat all the candy myself!


Jaejoong : junsu-sshi, you did a great job during the musical today.
Junsu : thank you, thanks for coming.
Jaejoong : i’m thankful that junsu gave us and to many people this wonderful present for the 2011 new year.. junsu is working really hard from the start of the new year, and we will be working hard also… as JYJ we will continue to improve.. we hope that only good things will happen for everyone.. in the new year, we hope you have more blessings and we hope together, with JYJ, we can all be happy.

All : Happy New Year!!

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