Thursday, September 15, 2011


focuses on taking the right choices when the second chance is given.

  • a really busy businessman (junsu) in the middle of a meeting and a really sad jihyo who gets hit by a car and gone (dead kot..da kene lggr cm 2 x kn bernyawa lg)..
  • after that, junsu spent the next days in loneliness trying to move on.. 
  • suddenly one day, song jihyo appears at his home..
  • surprised by seeing her once again, he realizes that a second chance was given to him in order to save her and do the right thing.. (sorry la klu english berteraburr)
  • then, he spent more time with her until the date of her accident comes up again...
  • he save her and both of them............... (IN HEAVEN)

thanks to Venessa Lin 4 the video

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