Tuesday, November 09, 2010

6 Careers You Can Do From Home..

yeah.. love this article.. sonok2 bace news kat yahoo, terpikat kat article ni.. interesting..
tajok nye, careers u can do from home atau dlm melayu nye kerja yg boleh anda lakukan dirumah.. lepas bace ni sume benti keje la..dok umh wt bisnes sndr.. pki baju tdo j pon x de org nk marah.. bgn pkol bpe pon x de org nk tego da.. =D

1. Personal Chef
klu anda rase masakan anda sedap, becoming a personal chef may be the suitable job for you. masak sedap2 pas2 delivery kat jiran2.. dpt jiran bujang @ anak dara laku la bisnes.. klu dok tmpt mahal @ area family, sorry 2 say, mmg x kn laku.. With today's high-pressure jobs and families where both parents work full time, this type of service is becoming more desirable.

2. Birthday Party Planning
sume parent nk anak dorg happy on their birthday. parents skrg xde mase nk urus sume 2.. so, spe yg xtau nk wt pe, jd la birthday party planning.. modal x la tggi mane pon.. beli belon, wat kek, ape la sgt.. tp kne kerja keras sikit la.. nk happy kn budak is not easy.. wat themes for their birthday pon best.. (saya teringin nk ade birthday party sndr..x penah rase -.-" )

3. Web Design
Anda addicted dgn computer..? and do you have an eye for detail?  career in web design may be for you. Even if you don't have the skills, consider going back to school to learn. skrg da byk stdy on9 je.. and anda x payah byr duit yuran pon..haha..

4. Virtual Assistant
With today's uncertain economy, more businesses are looking to hire temporary or per-project help, sometimes in the form of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can handle anything from receptionist duties to bookkeeping, depending on your expertise and the client's needs. For work in this field, look to online job boards. Tell your friends and family you're looking for administrative-type work to do from home, and check with any old business contacts you may have. Virtual assistants are still a fairly new concept, so expect to have to explain what you do a few times before generating business. (malas nk translate)

5. Tutoring Service
These days, problems are increasingly solved with use of the internet, including tutoring services. Work as a tutor can be helping a child with homework, or teaching adults how to use a computer - if you have a specific skill, you can become a tutor. You can find work on job boards, or at online colleges. If you have a college degree in your expertise (like math, or English), your chances at building a successful career as a tutor will be even better. (malas nk translate)

p/s: credit to yahoo finance

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