Friday, March 09, 2012

stupid saseng..! i hate saseng..!

yuchun being assaulted by a sasaeng

Having sasaeng stalking them is already bad enough. Now fans are misbehaving too? sigh.. My poor boys. a female reached her arm out and slapped him in the face..according to the netizen, the fan slapped him because she thought, 
"If I hit him, he will surely remember me" 
OMG SUN! That is sooooo true.. BUT, u missed some of the most important thing is "HE WILL SURELY HATE YOU FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE"

Stupid saseng girl.. Go to school first.. if  i were there, i would have turned around and slapped + punched you back.. 

you are so disrespectful.

Yuchun's expression makes me really sad...and he can't do anything about it.
carpark..? YES..!
basement..? YES..!
house..? YES..!
YES..! YES..! YES..! YES..!

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