Tuesday, May 31, 2011

muahahah.. yuchun ku sgt sgt lawa

yuchun transforms into a perfect and pure girl

Recently posted picture of Yuchun dressed as a girl became a popular topic.

Now matter how you look at it you would feel like this is a girl, however this is really Park Yuchun dressed up as a girl. Park Yuchun wearing a wig with an elegant smile, showing the the perfect image of an innocent girl.

After seeing the picture, netizens left many comments such as "Eh… this person is really male?", "Park Yuchun is so attractive", "he really fits being dressed up as women", "Hyung's so beautiful! So pure!", "He is more and more attractive."

Also, Park Yuchun's new MBC drama Miss Ripley will broadcast on the 30th.

source : tvdaily
credit : 音悦台东方神起饭团
trans+shared by : sharingyoochun.net

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