Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Info] C-Jes Notice on changes/additions to cities in Asia on the World Tour

The following is C-Jes’s notice on the changes that were made to the Asia portion of JYJ’s World Tour. Please note that Singapore and Indonesia Concerts have been canceled. However, JYJ is now scheduled to perform in China and Taiwan!

Hello, this is C-Jes Entertainment.

Thank you for the much interest in JYJ’s World Tour Concert. We are notifying you of changes to countries and cities on the Asia portion of JYJ’s World Tour.We are very sorry for fans who were disappointed with the cancellation of Indonesia and Singapore performances originally stated in our first notice about the World Tour, and will make effort to visit fans with  better form in the future. 

We are letting you know of the confirmed changes to the Asia Tour Schedule below.We will notify you of the ticketing information as soon as it becomes confirmed through our homepage.

Thank You.


April 2nd - 3rd : Bangkok, Thailand
April 23rd : Taipei, Taiwan
May 7th : Beijing, China
June 11th & 12th : Korea, Busan


T/N: No word about the North American portion of the tour yet!

From @DCtvxq_gall: C-JeS said they will add the schedule for North America concert dates and venue later. So far they announced only schedule for Asia Tour.

Source : C-JeS

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