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[Trans] High Cut Magazine Vol. 64 – Park Yuchun‏

By the time High Cut Vol. 64 is released, it should be about the time where Park Yuchun has concluded his Spain concert and probably on his way to Germany. The concert in Germany is on the 6th November at Berlin's Tempodrom. A twenty minutes walk from this circus tent-alike grand arena would lead to you to Potsdamer Platz and after that you would see the historical Berlin Wall. This year marks the 50th anniversary commemoration of the erection of the Berlin Wall by East and West Germany. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and yet has fallen for 28 years. The separation of the five members of TVXQ into trio and duo has been two years. The mental barrier that was built in between them would probably needs time to 'demolish'. Just like what Park Yuchun said in the end, "Time will resolved everything."

"Feels that 'there are a lot more yet to be done'."
A year ago when the US tour ended, there was such a thought. During the concerts in US, Park Yuchun substantially understood the importance of the stage and the necessity of songs. A year after the US concerts in 2010, JYJ held their Europe tour.

He said, "It is our first time in Europe for concerts and although we are not confident of it, it is not due to the audience. It is as though we have once again realized the importance of the stage". In this one year, he made people felt that he has become stronger and more humble.

Prior to the meeting with Yuchun, he gave me an impression as such: adorable appearance, somewhat sensitive, the prince who lives by eating salad. But it was the complete opposite.

He was not picky at all. He ate snacks like tteokbokki (stir fried rice cake) and fried items, happily. A rather easy-going guy.

There was no display of "I am a Top Star" attitude, but the gentleman who would carefully take care of the staffs.

Even Park Yuchun's muscles has its uniqueness and cannot be found in other artistes. The tough muscles trained through exercise (not in common indoor gym, but through the enjoyment of outdoor sports), though they are not left-right balanced and perfectly sculptured, it diffuses the natural vitality and healthy allure.

The minute he revealed his shoulders, the female staffs could not take their eyes away from such level of enticing built.

Compared to his days as an idol, he is now more in his relaxed state and slight increase of that maturity. We hope to portray such a man, Park Yuchun, in the photo shoot.

Since we talked about the yacht during the photo shoot (heard that you recently bought a yacht!!!), let's talk about it.
As we have done filming on a yacht many times in overseas, thus I had the intention to buy a yacht and my dream came true. After JYJ's Europe tour ended, I would like to go on a yachting trip to the southern part.

Wow, how does it feels like to be a yacht owner?
Hmm, at first it feels good that 'it's interesting to be on a yacht'. Now, it feels that even if nothing was done (on the yacht), it's good enough to be out in the sea and feel the comfortable relaxation.

We heard that you spent the two months after filming "Miss Ripley", fishing in Busan. From a 'naturalist' Park Yuchun and back to Seoul, isn't it regrettable?
Seoul's air is really terrible. The weather in sea will be delayed by two months as compared to land's weather, ain't it. The wind and water temperature will be warm in December. It is still warm right now in daytime, thus it is great. Ah…. I'm missing it!

Let's slowly get into the topic of actor Park Yuchun. Observing the works that you have done recently, the love relation scenes with the actresses seems to be especially savoring.
The actresses that I collaborated with were experienced actresses. During such scenes, seniors would advised me and it helped me a lot. During many intimate scenes, as it was done in overnight filming, I thought, "Since it has to be done, then do it well!"

In order to portray such realistic feelings, it definitely has to be related with your real-life love experiences right?
Ay, I don't have such love experience as in "Miss Ripley", there was no situation where I was being lied by a woman. However when portraying as Song Yuhyun, he has many traits that I envied. After I broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 4 years, I did not have that kind of experience again whereby I poured my heart out for someone and only had her in my eyes. Due to my in-depth feelings involvement during acting, I developed the desire to quickly find such a woman who I would give my all to.

The 'ex-girlfriend' you mentioned is not Seolinja right? (The snowgirl that Park Yuchun revealed in Twitter.)
Puahaha! I really didn't know she is such famous. On the night of KBS Drama Award where I received the newcomer award, I went to a resort, built a snowman and then posted the photo. But because she became so famous, it saddened me and we broke up after that.

Comparing "Miss Ripley" and your debut work "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", there must be some regrettable areas.
I felt regrettable with regards to acting. The more one acts, the more one felt the flaws but there was no way to stop it. That was regrettable. The mind was thinking, "This line has to be portray as such" and had already practiced the grasp of the emotions, but it still cannot be easily presented during the actual performance. No matter what, acting has to be naturally displayed and it is very difficult. Acting, that is.

About your next project, is there any plans for it?
I read a lot of works and some of the scripts have the 1st two episodes completed. I would like to read more, up to the third and/or fourth episode thus I'm still anticipating. To me, I would like to try my hands on movie too but it's still unclear now. In the past, I thought of portraying a psychological-challenged killer, but not the kind mafia character who lived in a mafia gang. It's the kind of character with a reversal role. I think that it is a need to expand my acting genre from a refined gentleman character.

Your younger brother Park Yoohwan has debuted as an actor too, what was your advice to him?
Actually, it has been more difficult to meet my brother than the members. (laughs). From my view, the aspect where I highly rated my brother is his total self-management. Managing from his own skincare, exercise, nutrition etc, he does not need anyone else to remind him especially and he did everything well. This gave my mum and me a big shock.
The things that he would definitely not do usually, he did it all and very well after he started working.
I'm irritated by this! Because I wasn't even like this.

Could it be that after he observed his brother and thought that, "I shouldn't be like this?"
Puahaha! This is 100% possible! Compared to me, Yoohwan faced a lot of difficulties as he was younger, thus he was pretty psychologically traumatized. After his debut, he met a lot of people and unknowingly became brighter.
In the past, we would not go for a drink, but recently Yoohwan would initiate to call me and asked, "Hyung, shall we go for a drink?" This really puts me in a good mood.
I have told him that after he finished the filming of SBS "Thousand Day's Promises", we would go out to play, and this is a promise I have to keep.

Unknowingly you have debuted for 7 years, what is the biggest achievement you had gained?
Hm……. If I were to say it truthfully, though I was not able to describe it perfectly, it would be that there are more laughters in the house now. (My mother) need not have to worry about living expenses and was able to buy what she wants and do what she wants. This is more than enough.
This is not just the fulfillment of responsibility but the ability to support family, friends, surrounding people and to move forward to a better direction in the future.

This question needs to be asked with reservations, you debuted with five members… is there a possibility to resolve this contradiction for each other in the future?
This is unlike a fight in school due to disagreement where the misunderstanding can be easily resolved after that. There are more than the current one or two matters to consider. To do such for the sake of our matters, would it be 100% resolved? There are too many things to consider and many things that needs to be done. This is not the time where someone with a bigger courage stepping out will be able to settle this matter. I think that other than time, there might be no other way to resolve it. I have always been thinking like that too. I did imagined about contacting each other, going out and drink a cup of soju as per before. No matter what the outcome is, probably it would only be resolved as time goes by. As I set my thinking like this, my uneasiness reduced.
1. Park Yuchun who is standing in front of the camera, with his tough shoulder outline and muscles, emitting his male beauty.
2. Inspecting the images with his penetrating expressions, Park Yuchun sincerely checked on the results.
3. Park Yuchun exchanged suggestions with the staffs while filming and worked hard to present an even better photoshoot effect. Even upon facing awkward requests, he did not forget to smile and made the filming location’s atmosphere rather comfortable and enjoyable.

credit: DC+loveissammi+ freyazo 
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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