Friday, November 11, 2011

In Heaven Special Edition

201mm (Width) x 201mm (length) x 13mm (thickness)
Red color with hard cover Digi book, 27 P of Booklet
The album cover disclosure with luxury black band attachment
(Photos on the booklet are different from the traditional album)

includes 2 (two) additional remix tracks plus a DVD containing MVs + making of Get Out and In Heaven and the full-version QR movies with making-of.
1. Get out
2. In Heaven
3. Fallen Leaves Fallen
4. Boy’s Letter The Boy’s Letter
5. Mission
6. I.D.S
7. Pierrot
8. You’re
9. Nine
10. Unnamed song A Song Without A Name
<Additional Tracks>
11. Get out (Remix)
12. In Heaven (Remix)

1. Get Out (MV Original Ver.)
2. Get Out (MV Teaser Ver.)
3. Get Out (Making Film)
4. In Heaven (MV Original Ver.)
5. In Heaven (MV Full Ver.)
6. In Heaven (Making Film)
7. QR Movies Full Ver.
8. QR Movies Making Film

Date of release: 22/11/2011

Credit: 에이앤지모즈, 밀키뮤즈

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