Friday, July 08, 2011

Novel baru - "Miss Ripley" [kisah perempuan penipu] =D

saya mmg suka bace buku..
tp  MESTI BUKAN buku sekolah
paling best bace buku dlm TOILET sambil *****
2 sbb saya ***** smpi 1 jam..
-dan ini buku terbaru-
*mane nak cari kat malaysia ni yg ade eng version*

"Miss Ripley" is now released as a novel.

"Miss Ripley" is a story about a woman who accidentally tells a lie, which leads to one lie after another and ends up caught in a web of lies, a classic melodrama. With societal issues as its material, coupled with the strong elite cast of Lee Dahae, Kim Seungwoo, Park Yuchun and Kang Hyejung, it has been a hot topic from its planning stage.

Source : dongbangdata

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