Friday, June 24, 2011

Ep. 7

Hee Joo : "What do you likes much about Mi Ri ?"
Yu Hyun : "A lot of things. She's honest and speaks her mind. Maybe I am attracted to her because she's the opposite of me."
Hee Joo : "Oh, I see. Even to me, another woman…it's true Mi Ri is possessing so many charms."
Yu Hyun : "Hee Joo, you too have charms being who you are. Considerate, warm and bright. You seem like a friend from a long time. That is why I like you, Hee Joo."
Hee Joo : "Me too. Yes, I know."
Yu Hyun : "So, from now on, I would like to be friends with you for a long time."
p/s : oh! kesian hee joo... 

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